I’M A NUDIST: Tan Lines N’ Sand



We have no shame, we like it nude. Nude nails that is lol. The Tan lines and Sand  was designed with all skin tones in mind–we know that nude ain’t just pale pink, sis.

Each nail has several layers of Japanese gel. So you still get the salon look. Get a non-damaging nail art mani without the salon.

If you are ordering a nail sizing kit, please select nail kit sizing under size. If not, please click the manual button to get nail measuring instructions. 

*Short Squoval Displayed*



We now have more lengths babe : short squoval and XL long coffin length have been added. You can have the I’m A Nudist: Tan Lines and Sand set in any length and shape.

What’s included:

  • 10 durable and reusable press on nails (not your average press ons)
  • Complimentary nail prep kit (nail glue, nail tabs, buffer, alcohol swab, and orange wood stick)
  • Luxurious gold case

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Medium Coffin, XLong Coffin, Short Squoval (natural look), Medium Square, Medium Round, Long Round, Short Stiletto, Medium Stiletto, Long Stiletto