Hazel London said it best, “it’s upsetting me and my homegirls.”  We’ve been in the house for two months+.  S*$T getting crazy. Eyebrows  grown back–or even worse– grown in patchy. You’ve been staring at the same damn hairstyle for weeks–like omg you’re getting bored of that bun. And chileeee to really snatch our millennial edges, brunch is cancelled indefinitely (for good reason though). I mean this is truly, UPSETTING ME AND MY HOMEGIRLS.


braxton family values love GIF by WE tv


SO WHAT ARE ME AND MY HOMEGIRLS  (mod babes)  supposed to do. “If you can’t go to brunch, where can you go ” (in my Hazel London voice).

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Although we can’t get cute and physically go to brunch. We def can do that in the house. *Rose Bellinis anyone*.  I mean come on we are millennials–that just sounds techy  and resourceful.


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